Top 10 Richest Athletes in 2014

Athletes are well-paid individuals. They are a source of inspiration for some since they are able to enjoy the game they love and getting paid for doing it. Forbes said the top 100 highest-paid athletes earned an aggregate of $2.75 billion in 2013. Most of the fees paid to athletes came from TV rights and endorsement deals. If you’re interested to know who the top 10 are; here’s the list.

10. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

Top 10 Beauty Trends in 2015

We all know how 2014 has been a great year for beauty. And we expect better things for beauty this New Year. In 2014, rainbow hair colors, no-makeup selfies and even brows that are bleached captured our imagination. We are making the same call this year that will sweep through social media. We predict the following trends to dominate your Instagram posts for the rest of the year.

Top ECig Brands to Consider

Electronic cigarettes has become more popular. This is the reason why the competition has become nothing but cutthroat. Today, it is easy to find thousands of brands and flavors with improved features. It is naturally for anyone to have a hard time to choose the brand that can be the staple. People spend money and time by doing some trial and error. They also rely on recommendations from friends. It is the best way to get information, but it does not apply all the time. Sometimes, expert recommendations can be the best way to find the best ecigs to get.