Top 10 Weird Superheroes and their Weird Superpowers


The comic book industry has been dominated by superheroes with supernatural abilities. Super human strength, telekinesis, energy shields – if you thought that superpowers were limited only to these, you are wrong. Time and again a superhero emerges with the weirdest possible superpowers. Here is a look at the top weird superheroes with weird superpowers.

1. The Multiple Man – Jamie Madrox

Jamie Madrox is a mutant who has the ability to create perfect duplicates of himself. The duplicates are capable of acting and thinking independent of each other. Jamie Prime or the original Madrox can absorb the duplicates into himself and along with that all the memories from his duplicates.

2. Penance

Penance was formerly known as Speedball and had the ability of generating kinetic energy fields to propel him in a battle. But his powers evolved when Speedball was injured severely in a Civil War storyline from Marvel. But the problem was that he could use his powers only when in physical pain and so he created a suit with barbs and spikes that would keep him in constant pain.

3. Cypher

Cypher is a superhero who has the ability to understand anything. He can read body language and predict combat moves. He can also hack into electronic systems and also speak to computers in binary. With a single glance at the architecture of buildings, he can figure out how to destroy them!

4. Ten-Eyed Man

The ten-eyed man was a U.S. soldier who got blinded in Vietnam. A surgeon then connected his optic fibers to his fingertip,s giving him 10 unusual eyes with a 360 degree vision. He swore revenge on Batman for a mistaken robbery but was dominated and finally sent to prison.

5. Taskmaster

Taskmaster’s superpower is inhuman learning. He can quickly develop skills and martial arts from his opponents using muscle memory. He can also predict his opponents’ next move. Taskmaster gained vast amount of combat knowledge from almost all the major superheroes of Marvel comics.

6. The clock king

Time management matters and who best to teach it than the uncanny clock king. His superpower is time management and his skills are so advanced that he can predict the time his opponent would take to punch him, and then dodge it!

7. Scarlet Witch

Magnetos daughter – the Scarlet Witch-  has a unique ability to hex her opponents. Her hexes result in low probability events that cause damage to her opponents or help her deflect attacks, open doors and anything that is unlikely to happen.

8. Matter eater

Tenzil Kem has a very strange superpower and that is to eat. He can eat anything and any amount of it. Even though his powers might be laughable, he made some major contributions to the comic world with his rather absurd eating habits.

9. Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol consist of a group of the weirdest possible superheroes with bizarre superpowers. The doom patrol’s powers usually caused more harm to the patrol themselves rather than their opponents.

10. Maggott

Another super hero with a weird digestive system. While the Matter eater could eat anything Maggott could digest anything. He had a pair of slugs that inhabited his hollow digestive system and could digest anything that’s on its way.

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Weird Superheroes and their Weird Superpowers

  1. Haha….I didn’t even know so mamny superheroes/super villians had such laughable superpowers. But the best part is they could still manage to save the day.

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